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Astrological predictions can greatly simplify your flow of life. The prediction of numerology and astrology of health are crucial aspects of astrology to meet your curiosity and your concern for the future. Many people believe in horoscopes that can familiarize an individual with future events.

If you are looking for the best astrological predictions of a renewed astrologer based in India, you can choose the best astrologer in Melbourne. Having more than 20 years of experience in the realization of correct astrological predictions, he is today world famous. It only makes accurate and correct predictions to help those who doubt their future.

It is indeed a familiar name in spirituality, in allied sciences and in the field of Vedic astrology. Although he has extensive experience in astrology, he continues to improve his skills and knowledge in the field. So, contact us to find out what the future holds. The first Indian astrologer specializes in astro telephone advice. We excel in reading horoscopes, offering corrective measures for various life problems such as marriage, wealth, profession, child birth, health, muhurath and nadi. with extensive knowledge and experience in Vedic astrology and have served people from all walks of life.

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As you know the time and date of birth plays an important role in analyzing your life and humans are always fascinated to know about what the future has in store. Understanding it makes us feel positive, secure and confident. It prepares us to face the uncertain situations of life being. But this uncertainty can only be ascertained through astrology. 

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For predicting childbirth through Hindu Astrology the first, Fifth and ninth houses or their lords of the horoscope are analyzed. The Ascendant, Navamsa and Saptamsa divisional charts are considered and the both houses fifth and ninth are observed for the birth of the child but what about the timing of conceiving a woman.


A woman can conceive only when the planet mars aspects the fifth house or fifth lord. But before this, the transit of Saturn must be observed. Saturn must aspect the both the houses or lord of those houses for the birth of a child. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn is also considered. Not only above mentioned four planets but even moon should be near the first house or lord of the first, fifth or ninth house or their lords. If above conditions are not applied, a woman cannot give birth to a child. For the birth of child both fifth and ninth houses are observed but for conception only fifth house is analyzed. Among many other parameters’ aspect of transiting mars over the fifth house or on the lord of the fifth house is an important one.

Beej and kshetra are other concepts to know the time of childbirth. In a male birth horoscope, the capacity to conceive is analyzed by the sun whereas the sperm is represented by Venus. And sun and Venus should be in male signs whereas in the women’s horoscope moon and mars should be considered for conceiving a woman.

For conceiving, a woman few important transits have to occur as

1. Ascendant lord transiting over fifth or seventh house and

2. Fifth lord and ninth lord transiting over ascendant.

3. Transit of Saturn over fifth or ninth house.

4. Transit of Jupiter over fifth house or fifth lord.

After these conditions, transit of mars is considered which is most important. Without the transit of mars over fifth house or house lord no woman can get conceived. From 20th February 2016 till July 2016 Mars will be transiting between Libra and Scorpio. Mars will be aspecting the Capricorn, Aries, Taurus when they are in Libra and aspecting the Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini when in Scorpio. Now a day readers of the astrology lessons also know astrology. For their knowledge if anyone has Aries Taurus Gemini Capricorn and Aquarius in their fifth house or the fifth house lord is placed in the Above signs there is the possibility of conceiving a child if the dashas too are favorable including the favorable transit of Jupiter.


If anyone has no transit relation between the transiting mars and the above-discussed signs from their fifth house or their lords there is zero percent chances of getting conceived. So from February 20 till 12th July one shall get conceived if there is a favorable transit of mars.

Astrology For Litigation And Court Cases Problems

In today’s life everyone is busy in their life and handles various types of difficult situations. The police cases increases that affects normal life of the person. Sometimes a naive person involves in litigation because their planets take bad conditions in the horoscope. Person cannot stay calm if he suffers risky circumstances like involved in litigation, bear a loss from court case and legal matters etc. Further, it could not decide how to get rid of the problem? Police cases are more complicated since they take a long time to be solved. If a person cannot face properly litigation in life, unfortunately if any court cases, dispute occurs, person remains fully depressed from the condition.

We  will analyze  your horoscope and give pinpoint Timing of Future Litigation (if any).

This Litigation section is meant for everyone to analyze Litigation combination if any.

For accurate reading placement of planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following houses is carefully analyzed.

6th    H –   Prime House of Litigation.

8th    H –   This House plays significant role in Litigation..

12th H –   This House involves upon expenses in Litigation, Payment of Penalties, Imprisonment, Prime House of Loss.

Litigation Report Includes Following :

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Litigation.
  • Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts  and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  • Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Litigation.
  • Determine Litigation Prone Timing.
  • Dasha Analysis and Remedies.


Career growth and progress

A career horoscope contains necessary details to improve understanding of your individual traits or attributes. For example, it helps you get to the fact that whether a career in management or in accountancy would suit you best.

Therefore, based on the astrological study of career horoscope, it becomes quite easy for you to choose a professional line conducive to your personal attributes.

Career horoscope offers comprehensive career guidance with unquestionable accuracy, thereby broadening your knowledge of what career you must choose that would spell the growth in your life gloriously.

In other words, this is a wide-ranging astrological report containing remedial solutions for career issues due to a job incompatible with your individual trait.

Every person who is born has to perform some activities. Right from childhood, the young child is trained to follow a particular dimension, depending on society, family, economic stature and relevant education. At the juncture of higher education, children are guided to follow the avenues which will later be the career path for them. The source of earning is loosely termed as a profession, which forms a career. This may be one’s business or self-employment, earning through corporate services or working in Government sectors. That which determines the source of income is career/profession of a person.

A job that best suits your individuality ensures the longevity of your career. However, it is always a crucial question for everyone to choose a career consistent with his/her personal attributes.

Some people are born with an intuitive understanding to choose a career of their own without seeking astrological assistance. However, astrological remedies for career preparation in the horoscope denote far-reaching effects in terms of lucrative career headway in someone’s life.

Like guidance and career astrology, assisting you to choose the most suitable job, business astrology is also the harbinger of prosperity and lucrative growth, as the accuracy of such predictive astrology is very authentic.

Therefore, our career or business horoscope acts as a remedial, self-defensive tactic helping you save from any malefic effects or unsavory celestial moments overshadowing your growth and success in life.

The horoscope prepared by us contains best business guidance offering a qualitative solution to the stalemate in your professional life caused by certain omens.

Astrology is a science to understand the future, through proper knowledge. This can be used by you for your career growth and progress as much as it can help you to avoid stress and confusion.

Property - Astrological Prediction

In today’s society having own home is a must. People are judged by their material assets which they accumulate in their life. Everyone wants to have their home sweet home. In Vedic astrology there are yogas which can foretell the entire thing about a native and his assets.

There are many people who get home loan easily and there are many who keep applying but do not get anything. Then there are people whose application gets denied at the last moment for some stupid reason and later it is approved even if there is some mistake. All this can be judged by the horoscope of the native.

In Vedic astrology there are yogas which determine the state of assets of a native. The fourth house is the main house to judge the immovable and movable assets of a native and there are supporting houses which facilitate the purchase or sale of property.

B.P.H.S. or brihat parasha hora shastra is considered to be the bible of Vedic astrology and it contains many yogas which tells about the house purchase of the native.

The fourth house is the house of assets, peace of mind, mother, home life, conveyances, self and ancestral properties, general happiness, and some more things. But primarily it is the house of assets.

  • If the lord of the fourth house is with lagna lord and placed in benefic houses then the person may possess many houses.
  • If mercury is in parakram bhaava and fourth house lord is well disposed then person will get a beautiful house.
  • If the 4th house lord is placed in the navanasha of its own or is exalted the native gets the comfort of owning land, conveyance, house etc.
  • Planets which are exalted in the fourth house also have the power to give assets to the native.
  • If the fourth house lord is placed in the house of his friend, it is in the sign of exaltation or it is in his own house in navansha or lagna chart or both.
  • The lord of ninth house in angle and the fourth house lord in house of his friend may give a good house.
  • If the fourth house lord is conjoined with Mars or Saturn or Venus then also native may be blessed with a house.
  • The period of Mars, Venus, Jupiter is favorable for buying house.

Planets responsible for owning House, Land, Property

Mars: Mars is the karaka planet for immovable assets. It is the planet which gives a good house.

Saturn: Saturn is the planet which gives lands, old houses i.e. repurchased house.

Venus: Venus is another planet which gives a lavish house.

Houses responsible for owning House or proeprty of any type

1, 2, 4, 11 houses are the houses which signify land or property in one or other way.

The Ascendant: It is the house which signify the physical disposotion of one self.

Second House: This is the house of your bank balance. If you will not have wealth then you will not be able to buy a house.

Fourth House: Fourth house is the house of assets, happiness and vehicles. Thus the condition of this house should be judged properly to assess the state of landed properties in the life of the native.

Eleventh House: This is the main house of gains and fulfilment of desires. This is the house which decides whether you will be having the happiness of own house or not.

Good time or muhurta for buying own house

Mahadasha is the main factor which decides whether the native will have the assets or not.

The dasha of 4th lord, 2nd lord, 11th or 9th lord is capable of giving home to the native depending upon many factors.

  • Sun gives the landed properties in middle ages where as moon gives in early in life.
  • Sun and Mars are the factors responsible for providing a house in middle age.
  • Moon is the factor responsible for providing a house at an early age.
  • Mercury can give one a house in the age of 32 to 36.
  • Jupiter, Venus and rahu can give the property in early age.
  • Saturn can give one a property after 44 and Ketu after 52 years.

Loss of Property

While the yogas of gain of property are there in the horoscope, the yogas of loss are also mentioned and few of them are as below:

  • If the fourth house lord is placed in third house then there will be loss of property.
  • If the 4th house lord is debilitated then there will be loss of property in some way at some point in life.
  • If the fourth house lord is placed in the evil houses 6, 8, 12 then the possibility of loss is very high.
  • If the fourth house lord is debilitated and in the same horoscope Saturn and Mars are also weak in the lagna chart and the navansha then the chances of loss of property are very high.
  • If evil planets aspect the fourth house or the fourth house lord then in their periods they can give losses to the native related to assets.

So these were some points by which one can know the issues related to state of property in his life. But one should always consult an able astrologer before buying a house or selling a house.

A good astrologer will always tell the right time to purchase the property and also the right time for the house warming ceremony.

Marriage & Relationship

Marriage is the most important event  of our life. Each one of us put efforts to find a perfect partner who could work us through the path of life. Unfortunately, some couples failed to have a successful married life. Are they destined? Is this their fault?

This happens because of the planetary positions and negative energies that impact on us.

We  carefully examined the placement of planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra to identify reasons for marital discord and weird relationship wrt to following houses.

2nd   H – Prime House of Family.

7th   H –  Prime House of Marriage/Partner/Spouse

11th H – Gain of Life Partner/Spouse/Family/Fulfillment of Desires.

5th & 9th H – Facilitate Marriage and Relationship.

Marriage & Relationship Report Includes Following :

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Marriage & Relationship.
  • Detailed Analysis of Concerned Divisional Chart & Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  • Effects of Planets and Houses concerned with Marriage & Relationship.
  • Timing of Marriage & Relationship.
  • Dasha Analysis and Remedies.

Auspicious Muhurat Timings for any event

Muhurtha is the Third Part of Vedic Astrology. It is basically the auspicious time to start a new event of our life like Namkaran Sanskar of Child, Marriage Constructing a House, Opening a factory, Office etc.

Muhurtha differs from person to person when we receive good planetary Energies that moment is called “Auspicious Moment “.

Nakshtra plays an important role in choosing a good Muhurtha. And choosing good Muhurtha is always required to enhance our new Ventures.

Muhurtha Report Includes Following :

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt New Event.
  • Find out Auspicious Timing on the basis of Nakshtra wrt New Event.

Birth Time rectification

Correct and Accurate prediction depends on the correctness of Natal Horoscope. Around 60% people have Incorrect Birth Time.

This BTR section is also meant for everyone, those who have an interest in Astrology should consult their horoscope for BTR.

We are using Nirayan Bhav Chalit in addition with Lagan or Ascendant Chart. Lagan is of around 12o minutes. In Nirayan Bhav Chalit Lagan is divided into Nakshtra/Star Lord which can be of 54 minutes and further divided into Up Nakshtra/sub Lord ranging from 3 to 9 minutes.

We know how to rectify the incorrect birth time.

We take Major and Minor life event of one’s life and matched with Horoscope. We guaranteed for accurate Birth Time Rectification.


Medical Astrology is a branch of Indian Astrology in which an Astrologer analysis the chart to determine the timing of ON SET of disease and FADE OFF disease.

For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following Houses is carefully examined :

6th H – It denotes sickness and disease.

8th H – It denotes chronic disease and surgical operation.

12th H – It denotes confinement to bed, hospitalization and expenses there on.

Health Report Includes Following :

  1. Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Health.
  2. Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  3. Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Health.
  4. Periods of Good and Poor Health.
  5. Dasha Analysis and Remedies.

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology Online! This has been our Guruji’s unique strength from the day he ventured. Has it every occurred to you that your destiny has been recorded centuries before you are born?

People become more frustrated when they don’t get the solutions for the problems faced by their family members even after approaching, a few astrologers, Gods, and doctors. They are confused more than ever.

The Naadi astrologers, Gods or doctors can’t be blamed for this. The reason is that the God creates a being as a result of their Karmas in the past births.

If we do research to find out the difference between Natal Astrology and Nadi Astrology, Astrology predictions based upon arithmetical calculation by men is Natal Astrology and forecasting by Maharishis with their spiritual power, already written in the Palm leaves is Nadi Astrology. The Arithmetical predictions by the ordinary people may lead to failure in most cases. This is because people normally are not able to note down the birth time of a child accurately. This is mainly because they are nervous and mentally tensed during the moment. This is difficult too because the moment the child’s head comes out from the mother’s body is the accurate birth time of the child as for concerned to astrology. This error results in wrong computing of Birth Ascendant and planetary position which results in absolutely wrong prediction. This as a result disappoints the native.

So keeping aside this sort of slipping possibilities methods, let us, look into the forecasting made by the Maharishis based upon thumb prints, which is purely by their spiritual wisdom. Name of the native, their parents, their spouse, their rank in their family, number of children, number of siblings etc. prove that the prediction belongs to the native. Apart from this, the solutions such as Temple visit, Pujas and Mantra puja which has to be performed are given by performing which, the native can get eradicated from the present problems and the problems yet to come. It is not arithmetical calculations and hence the sayings of the Maharishis will never be failed. They are possessors of word Power.

Our unique Thulliya Naadi (High Accuracy Naadi Astrology reading – done online along with you) reveals to you, your past, present and your future.


We all have choices and preferences; it may be with regards to people, things or may be the vehicle that we own. A vehicle is important means of transportation and has seen drastic changes and advancements in its making and progress. So there is a steady change in the liking of people towards their choice of vehicles. We buy a vehicle out of passion or necessities but from these choices of vehicles, one can interpret personality and traits of a person. Clear all your questions with our pandit having profound knowledge in vehicle Purchase Astrology.

Some people even if they have the intention to buy vehicle they would experience some kind of delay because of the 4th house lord bad placement in horoscope. 4th house in the horoscope is considered as the house of vehicle. Based on the information,

  • Sun if placed in the 4th house will give you a government vehicle with a driver
  • Moon if placed will get many white color cars with luxury
  • Jupiter is a sign of strong and safe car
  • Mars gives many cars with choices
  • Mercury is known for its luxury and grandeur
  • Venus gives lovely car with many collections
  • Saturn will give stable but old car blue color
  • Rahu gives a big car in black colour
  • Ketu affects no vehicle as the planet is of denial
  • Moon and Venus Combination gives you the beautiful grand vehicles

Prashn Jothish -Horary

One of the most useful and dynamic branches of Vedic astrology is Prashna, which literally means question. This is called Horary Astrology in the West. We again remind you of the metaphor of photography, in which a Natal chart reading is like using a wide-angle lens. One gets the full view, but it seems far away, and one cannot see all the details. To get more detail one could zoom in and look at a smaller segment of time, say, the duration of a planetary major period or, even smaller, the planetary sub-period, or perhaps a year or six months. The real close-up shot or microscopic view would be to focus just on one question for a specific period of time. This is prashna.

How does it work? The conception of a question is the thought which enters one’s mind. Pondering, worrying, and brooding over it is the gestation period. And asking is the birth of the question. You might be surprised to learn how accurately a trained astrologer is able to zero in on the correct answer. It is the perfect tool for making strategic and tactical decisions.

eg: Which of the following three places, A, B, or C, is the best place to sink a well?
My daughter is missing. Is she all right? When will she return?

Who murdered the victim; what can you tell me about the murderer?

What shall be the result for me if I move to Los Angeles next month?

Should I file a legal suit against X?

Should I hire X as my lawyer?

Many people have heard of prasna and its power; but unfortunately they cannot always take advantage of it for two reasons:

  • Prashna is very difficult to perform, and it requires extensive special training. Even an astrologer capable to adequately read a natal chart will not be able to do a prashna chart properly unless trained to do so, because there are special rules in prashna that are not applicable to natal astrology, and vice versa.
  • The person fails to ask the question properly. Even a properly trained astrologer will not be able to answer an ill-conceived question.

How to Ask a Prashna
I have done literally thousands of prasnas since 1981 and the results are amazingly accurate (I have a 95+% success rate), provided the seeker follows a few simple rules when asking a question. The importance of correctly formulating a question cannot be overstated. In ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi was famous for giving accurate answers. But sometimes the answers were so enigmatic that no one could understand them, the reason being that the question itself was unclear. The astrological texts also state that the questions of certain persons should not be entertained:

  • One who asks in a casual or nonchalant manner
  • One who uses abusive language while asking
  • One who is a heretic or atheist
  • One who comes empty-handed
  • One who is proceeding on a journey
  • One who is answering the calls of nature
  • One who asks questions at dusk


Numerology has been around for thousands of years. The Egyptians and Babylonians both used it over 10,000 years ago. Pythagoras, a mathematician whose theories are still in use today, is believed to have officially organized numerology in Greece over 2,500 years ago. He held the view that math concepts were easier to regulate and classify than physical ones.

Others beliefs and writings important in the development of numerology were early Christian mysticism, the Chinese Circle of the Dead, the Kabbalah, and the Indian Vedas. At the beginning of the 20th century, L. Dow Balliet published the first book about numerology, beginning what is known as the modern phase of numerology and interest in it grew over the next few decades. Recently, a revival of interest in numerology has occurred and many people are learning how numbers might affect them.

Numerology is the study of the numbers in our lives and how they affect us. A numerologist uses the letters in a word, such as a full name, or a birth date and reduces that to a single number. That number tells them certain things about the person’s character, what strengths and weaknesses they possess; it can even be used to predict their future. Numerology is often closely associated with astrology as astrologists assigned the numbers 0 through 9 to each celestial body in the solar system and each number has its own set of values.

Profession and Education

The wisdom of Astrology can illuminate the path for students who are aiming for Academic Excellence and Education Success.

For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following

Houses are carefully examined :

2nd H – Knowledge Acquired in Family .

3rd H- Prime House of Written Work and Communication.

4th H – Prime House of Primary Education as it is a house of Mother.

5th H – This House Signifies Intelligence.

9th H – This House Signifies Higher Education.

11th H – This House Signifies Gain in Education.

Education Report Includes Following:

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Education.
  • Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts (D-1 & D-24 ) and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  • Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Education.
  • Periods of Interest and Disinterest in Studies.
  • Dasha Analysis and Remedies .