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I am teaching astrology and palmistry. Although astrology is a valid field of study, it is not subject to the scientific method. Therefore, astrology is not a science and should not be called a science logic. Astrology is concerned with mathematics, motion, matter etc. Astrology is like determining personality traits and generally predictions concerning a person’s life experience.

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Astrology is a system of deviation using the same positions of stars, planets and the moon in the twelve zodiac signs as a meaning to predictions of your future and learns about our human events as well as personality traits. One’s birth date fails into a zodiac sign, and this is used in determining predictive events for that individual as they relate to the astral body positions. Astrology is very prominents in the new age and Eastern Religions.
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When we look at someone’s birth name, married or changed name as well as surname and also nickname, we can discover many aspects of a person’s alter ego. The system is based on the numbers 1-9. Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value. Numerology can be used to offer insights into a person with character like A to Z, and to predict their future.

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Vedic cards(Tarot) Palmistry: reading is a powerful form of deviation which uses an ancient deck of cards. It helps in answering all of your important topics like finance, career and education. Tarot cards used for many tears as fortune tellers and psychics. It is very trustfully cards reading can give you an accurate personalised reading on the cards that you choose in the particular order.
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